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Topless Sandals are sized Small, Medium, and Large for both women and men.  Select the size that corresponds to your shoe size.  You don’t need the extra space that you need in a closed-toe shoe.  You want Topless Sandals to be as close to your exact foot size as possible.

Women’s Topless Sandals


4.5 - 6.5


  7 - 8.5


   9 - 11.5


Men’s Topless Sandals


   6.5 - 8


    8.5 - 10


     10.5 - 12.5


        13 - 15.5  


 Free Shipping on 5 or more pair!

Click the links below for the sizes you wish to order. 

Note: Women's Sizing


     Women can wear Men’s Topless Sandals by selecting one size smaller than the Women’s size.  For instance, if you wear a Women’s Medium you can also wear a Men’s Small or if you wear a Women’s Large, you can also wear a Men’s Medium.  The difference is mostly in the width of the sandal.  The Men’s Topless Sandals are slightly wider than the Women’s Topless Sandals.