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All About Topless Sandals


     Original Topless Sandals are like nothing you have ever experienced before. Imagine being barefoot but you have a cushion under your feet.  You’re protected from hot and cold surfaces and rocks or debris from the ground.  Wear them to get the mail or wear them all day long.  You’ll forget you even have them on.   And the best part is they're RE-USABLE.  Wear them over and over again.

So how do they work?

     Step onto the sticky sandal and off you go.  They stick to your feet.  Original Topless Sandals have a patented water-based adhesive on the surface of the sandals.  The water-based adhesive allows you to wear them over and over.  Wear your sticky sandals to the store, the mall, sporting events or anywhere you would wear a sandal.  Just wash the sandals with soap and water when they get dirty and presto, they adhere to your feet again.  You can wear the sandals around water but if you submerge them in water, let them air dry and the adhesive is ready to go again.  It’s very magical.

Colorful Designs - Wear Them Everywhere

     Original Topless Sandals come in many colorful designs.  Enjoy the comfort and freedom of going barefoot with a cushion of protection under your feet.  Original Topless Sandals make excellent gifts and are often purchased by people who have problems wearing traditional flip-flops or sandals.  People wear them everywhere….the zoo, around the RV park, to the pool, restaurants, events, or just out for a walk.  You will get lots of attention as people ask, “that’s cool, how do they work?”

What People Are Saying About Topless Sandals....

“I can’t believe how comfortable these are.  There is no sliding around on my sticky sandal and there is nothing ‘flip-flopping’ as I walk.  You have to experience these to really understand how comfortable they are.  They are so freeing.”     

Carol B. - Manhattan Beach, CA.

" I love, love, love these sandals."  

Betty H. - Carson, CA.

"This is becoming a 'disease'.  I've been back 4 times now to buy more.  Everytime I wear them someone wants me to get them a pair."

Karen - So Cal