Common questions people have about Original Topless Sandals.

1. Do they feel sticky?

The surface of the sandal is sticky but once you put them on, you don’t feel anything sticky.  You are bonded to the sole and it feels like you are barefoot with a soft cushion under your foot.

2. Do you need to re-apply adhesive?

No, the water-based adhesive stays on the surface of the sandal and you just need to wash them occasionally with soap and water when they get dirty.  Once they are dry, the sandal’s adhesive properties are active again.

3. What if my feet sweat?

Not a problem.  You just need to make sure your feet are dry, clean and free of lotion when you put the sandals on and the sandals will adhere to your feet.

4. How do you get them off?

Grab them on the side and peel them off sideways or you can submerge them in water and the adhesive becomes inactive and the sandals release from your feet.

5. Are your feet sticky when you take the sandals off?

There is no residue from the sandal once it is removed.  If any residue remains, it washes off with soap and water.

6. I have very sensitive feet.  Will they work for me?

Original Topless Sandals are not recommended if you have very sensitive feet.

7. I love these sandals.  How can I get involved selling Original Topless Sandals?

Check out our wholesale link for selling opportunities in the U.S. as well as local part-time opportunities.